Intellectual property (IP) consists of certain creations of the intellect, including technological, marketing, literary, and artistic creations.  Patents, copyrights and trademarks are the most common legal tools used to protect intellectual property.  In general, they provide an exclusive right to use and commercialize the creation. 

Brief Comparison of tools for protecting Intellectual Property

Type of Protection
Protectable Subject Matter
Patent (Utility Type)
Machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter, and process (mechanical, chemical, electrical, biological, and software)
Patent (Design Type)
Ornamental design for an article of manufacture
Patent (Plant Type)

Asexually reproducing plant varieties

Literary, musical, dramatic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, audiovisual, sound recording and architectural work (includes business related writings)
Word(s), symbol, design/logo, device, group insignia, slogan, internet domain name, character, persona, product configuration trade dress, packaging trade dress, number, color, sound.
Trade Secret
Information of value, not generally known or readily ascertainable, and subject to secrecy efforts by the proprietor.
Proprietary information which is amenable to legal protection and defined in an agreement.
Plant Variety Protection Certificate
Certain plants and seeds

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